Rob is a well known horsehandler. He prefers to call himself a ‘runner’. He started this job when he was 16 years old. Thanks to many years helping at the Folmer family Rob got to learn how to handle horses. Studbooks like the friesian and appaloosa studbook made him several times “best horse handler”.
“This is a hidden text... what are you lookin for?!”
Thanks to that Rob travels all over the world to present horses at horse shows. Known customers are Stal Wijdewormer and Stalhouderij Meijer in Holland, Iron Spring Farm in the United States of America (look at their video!) and Stutteri Stasevang in Denmark
De Bruin gives regularly seminars on training, handling and breeding sporthorses and friesian horses at haras de la Bouteillerie, but also at farms and associations all over the world. (Advert clinic Canada)
For tariffs you can contact Rob by email. If you like tipping, Rob asks you to donate The Heart Foundation.

*updates from america:
  Dressage at Devon, PA (USA) article one
  Dressage at Devon, PA (USA) article two