Rob started vaulting in 1987 and competed in his first international vaulting competition individually in 1992. In that same year he competed for the Netherlands on the word championships in Heilbronn (GER). Later on he was selected for the 1994 world championships in The Hague (The Netherlands), the 1995 European championships in Saumur (France) and the 1996 world championships in Kaposvar (Hungary).

From 1998 untill 2007 Rob was the national trainer for the Netherlands. End 2007 he started as the national trainer for Belgium.
In Vienna in 1999 he became the qualification as FEI Vaulting Instructor Level I. Together with several dutch and foreign trainers Rob trained the dutch individuals and teams to compete in international competitions. He attended three World Equestrian Games. Since 2006 Rob started to help the Belgium vaulters with vaulting training sessions and judges seminars. He plans to work with the Israelian vaulters end 2011.

At Easter 2007, Rob was in a RTL4 television show with Anky van Grunsven and Tommie Visser: Horse and Co. In that same year Rob's horse Rosamundes Nevada went together with Elke Schelp-Lensing second in the one star individual competition held at the European championships in Kaposvar, Hungary. Since 2007 Elke and Rob own some talented young vaulting horses together.

De Bruin works since 2003 with the KNHS (former NHS) and the ORUN to educate vaulting trainers and judges. In 2005 he got his license to judge national vaulting competitions. In 2007 Rob participated at an Action TypeŽ course organised by Peter Murphy (coach volleyball.) In 2009 Rob got his FEI-C judging license and he promoted to FEI-I Vaulting Judge in april 2011. Rob judged in 2012 the FEI World Cup Finals in France and the FEI European Championships for juniors in Slovakia. In 2013 Rob judged the european championships for juniors and seniors in Ebreichsdorf. He became FEI 4* that same year.

Rob charges cost price for judging and training. If you wish to express your thanks to him in money, Rob prefers you donate the Heart Foundation.


All day, all night !!!

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